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Helen Brown

Helen’s background is in the Supply Chain Management field, she was expatriated overseas for the last 10 years with an international manufacturing business, where she honed her skills and expertise in people development, training, systems, processes & implementations.

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Joan Gordon

Joan has been teaching secondary students English and various IT subjects since 1997. Prior to that she was involved in hospitality and child raising.


She retired in December 2018 and considers assisting retirees in improving their IT skills to be a natural life progression. For the past 12 years she has also been a Marriage & Funeral Celebrant - an experience that is more of a joy than a job.

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Loretta Perryman​

Loretta has worked as an emergency Ambulance Officer and Social Worker and has a Bachelor of Social Work.  While working in both these sectors, she has gained experience working with diverse groups and individuals.

Raising three sons with her husband, family life is busy but fun. In her spare time Loretta enjoys oil painting, gardening and walking. Loretta brings a calm and patient approach when helping others with their IT challenges. 

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