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Joanne Carver

Joanne is a warm & caring person who loves to help people with technology and make a difference to their every day lives.


Based in the Central Coast, she travels far and wide to help our clients with their smartphones, tablets & computers.

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Tom Ford

Tom has worked in the retail and hospitality industries for over 40 years in various roles from the shop floor to management.


He has a wealth of experience in customer service, people development & training. Tom places building relationships and solving customer's needs as a high priority throughout his career.

Sally Harrold

Sally has worked in Training and Care Management in the Aged Care industry for over 3 years. Prior to this, she managed a Not for Profit program for 20 plus years. Throughout her career, she has honed her IT skills across the Microsoft suite, social media and communication platforms such as Email, Skype and FaceTime to connect with her colleagues and family.

Chris Pope - Photo.png

Chris Pope

After developing an interest in computers and software when he implemented a new computer system for his family’s clothing business in Adelaide, Chris went on to enjoy a 36 year career in the IT industry, working for various software companies both in Australia and the UK. During that time he had the amazing opportunity to witness first hand the emergence of personal computers, email, the Internet and devices such as the iPhone and iPad.  

He is now semi-retired but in addition to being involved with his family and grandchildren (and working on his golf handicap), he retains a keen interest in computer technology and software, and enjoys helping people use it in their daily lives.  

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Trevor Romer

Trevor has had a 38 year career in Public Sector followed by 5 years with Mission Australia. More recently he volunteers with a Homeless Service and Meals on Wheels.

Trevor’s passion in IT started about 50 years ago. From those early beginnings, Trevor has progressed from MS DOS to Windows, building his own computers and keeping up with all the changes in computer hardware and software. He introduced his mother to computers, when she was ready, in her early 80s and has helped countless people enjoy and master their technology.

In his “spare” time Trevor is an Amateur Beekeeper.


Phil Ryder

After graduating with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering & Science, Phil spent over 30 years working for large multinational IT corporations, specialising in the support of networks and telephony systems, and training users on collaboration applications. He has seen first-hand how even tech-savvy individuals can sometimes struggle to learn new technologies without the right guidance.

Having now left the corporate world behind, Phil is passionate about building trusting relationships to guide users of all levels to navigate the increasingly connected world we live in. It's all about developing the confidence to get started, finding the right technology for you, and then having fun with it.

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Maria Sim

Maria has over 25 years experience working in IT related roles, beginning in training and IT support and progressing into the fields of project and account management.

In supporting family members, Maria has first-hand experience helping others overcome the challenges of staying connected and operating independently in a world requiring the use of technology to access existing and new services.

In addition to IT training, Maria has her own fitness business and focuses on working with the over 50’s to become or stay active to support a good quality of life, and sustained independence.


Ann-Marie Yee

Ann-Marie has been fascinated by computers since the early days when they didn't even have pictures. She is keen to help others learn how they can make the most of technology.


For many years, Ann-Marie worked in training, communications and product marketing for large enterprise software companies, helping customers make the best use of their business systems. These days, she has a more varied working life and enjoys the stimulation that comes from working with different people every day.   

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