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Nerida Ashcroft

Nerida has 20+ years IT experience in the wealth management sector. Her skills have been developed through working as a Business Analyst and Project Manager on a range of mainframe as well as Microsoft and Apple desktop applications.

Nerida is a firm believer in keeping our brains active, particularly as we age. Learning new skills on our phones, tablets and laptops is great brain stimulus and helps us stay connected with friends, communities and our families and demonstrates to our young people (who all seem to have computer skills in their DNA), that, although we might not be young, we are still switched on.

Sue Byrne

Sue has worked for over 40 years in IT related roles, with a focus on software systems. She started out as a programmer and later moved into course development, training delivery and project management. Sue is now semi-retired but she still enjoys helping people get the most out of their technology. Sue has a Graduate Diploma in Training and Development.

Sue has a fantastic knowledge with Apple products and demonstrates this through group training classes.


Ian Cuthbertson

Ian Cuthbertson was a psychiatric nurse for 20 years before he became a technology journalist at The Australian. He builds his own Windows computers but is equally adept on Macs.


Now a freelance journalist writing tech, travel, arts and entertainment for a wide range of publications, Ian spends his free time writing songs and instrumental music and recording these in his custom built home studio, walking his much loved Staffordshire terrier Luna, cooking and doing crosswords. He is a big fan of streaming TV services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime and has been known to write a book or two when he can get off the couch. 

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Tom Ford

Tom has worked in the retail and hospitality industries for over 40 years in various roles from the shop floor to management.


He has a wealth of experience in customer service, people development & training. Tom places building relationships and solving customer's needs as a high priority throughout his career.

Sally Harrold

Sally has worked in Training and Care Management in the Aged Care industry for over 3 years. Prior to this, she managed a Not for Profit program for 20 plus years. Throughout her career, she has honed her IT skills across the Microsoft suite, social media and communication platforms such as Email, Skype and FaceTime to connect with her colleagues and family.


Phil Ryder

After graduating with Bachelors in Electrical Engineering & Science, Phil spent over 30 years working for large multinational IT corporations, specialising in the support of networks and telephony systems, and training users on collaboration applications. He has seen first-hand how even tech-savvy individuals can sometimes struggle to learn new technologies without the right guidance.

Having now left the corporate world behind, Phil is passionate about building trusting relationships to guide users of all levels to navigate the increasingly connected world we live in. It's all about developing the confidence to get started, finding the right technology for you, and then having fun with it.


Mel Van Zyl

Mel has had years of experience in both Finance and IT.  She enjoys helping users and is open to researching and learning new skills.  She considers assisting Retirees to improve their knowledge of IT, and helping them to make the most out of available technology to keep connected to family and friends, a wonderful way to use her skills and share her knowledge.


Mel has a Datametrics Diploma as well as MCSE(Microsoft Systems Engineer).  She also has the commercial qualification (ACIS) and recently completed a Diploma of Counselling.